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Moulding - Tooling - Development

Injection moulding

1K and 2K solutions

Hammel Plast has a wide range of new machines with robots and automated equipment.


Sampling, Testing og Production

From idea to mass production – we manage all the steps. Our passion is to be involved in the pioneering innovation of the plastic industry.


We create designs that works

Decades of experiance in the plastic industri has prepared us for a future with high demands on a plastic item's lifecycle and functions.

Aerosol Caps

a product by Hammel Plast

Hammel Plast offers a wide selection, with more than 60 variants of high quality caps. NEW! Available in sustaninable and recycled plastic materials

Environment and Quality

- because it is of great importance for us

Hammel Plast nurtures a deep and fundamental respect for the environment, and environmental concerns always have first priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that all production and product handling complies with international environmental requirements.

I have a part no one else can do

Our experience has enabled us to solve many complex challenges over time.

I have an Idea

Every step of a new products life is carefully managed by our team

I have a design

We work professionally to optimize time-to-market at the right price and quality

I have a part I want to replicate

Increased demand, worn out tools. The reasons for replicating products may be several but we can make a precise copy.


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