It all started in Hammel with an idea and a passion for first class toolmaking. A single mans´ company that quickly developed and hired employees and bought new machinery.


New production facility was built to support the company growth.


4 brand new injection moulding machines was installed and 8 customers was the foundation for the beginning of Hammel Plast


Over these years Hammel Plast acquires 4 different companies. The production is improved and automated as order volumes increases.


Hammel Plast gathers all activities in a new build factory. Company activities from 3 locations is united to achieve a synergy between employees and facilities.


We see a green future for the plastic industry and especially for Hammel Plast. We will work to re-think, re-duce and re-use plastic products to develop the most sustainable products possible.

Because of the nature of our business, we attract passionate people who want to make a difference through their work. We have been fortunate to direct that passion toward solving the challenges of future plastic products


Bent Pedersen/Director

My ultimate job is to solve complex tasks for our customers with creative solutions. Many years of experience as a toolmaker have given me the courage to challenge the old principles, the result is innovative plastic components that is an advantage for ourself and our customers.


mail: bent@hammelplast.dk

Anni Oxholm/Finance and Customer supporter

I greatly appreciate streamlined processes, order and efficient systems. It is a big part of my daily work, together with our employees, to ensure we deliver items in the right quality on time.


mail: hammelplast@hammelplast.dk

Maja Oxholm Rasmussen / R&D manager

I find huge creativity in everything that surrounds me. Ideas and designs are deeply rooted in my mentality and I gather solutions from everything that inspires me from technology to nature.


mail: maja@hammelplast.dk

Anders Rasmussen / CTO

I am driven by a fascination of technologies.
My talent for making things work, often
results in many different tasks on my table. All focused on making us work smarter.


mail: anders@hammelplast.dk



Hammel Plast A/S
Frankrigsvej 20
8450 Hammel, DK

phone: +45 87 62 00 00

mail: hammelplast@hammelplast.dk